To get started with Tax First, you need to set terminology in Settings. Whatever tax is applicable in your country you can use it, Either it will be Service Tax, GST or VAT. 

You can add Tax at two Places :  

1. Tax on Cart value : If you want to add tax on the entire cart value, You can use this setting and add Value of Tax in Percentage. 

- You will find this Tax will be added in Cart in Customer Mobile Application.


2. Tax on Item Price: If your items are including tax and you want to mention it, You can use the below option. You can set up different slabs for a different sets of items. For example Grocery, Food & Pharmacy items will have different tax slabs. Please note that once you add any tax slab, You will not able to delete it. You can edit the value of Tax. 

When you add/Import any Items you need to select Tax slab. You can enter a value with Tax and the system will automatically bifurcate item value without tax and with tax. 

You can generate the total Tax collected report for delivered orders in Reports Section.