When you are using Multi-Vendor System, You can add as much a you can. Please follow below step to create new vendor. 

Step #1 : Login to Admin Panel & Go to Vendor Management. 

Step #2 : Click on "Add Vendor" button Located at Top right of page. 

Step #3 : Fill All Required Details & Click on "Add Vendor" Button located at Bottom. 

Details of Each Fields. 

Minimum Order Amount ( ₹ ) 
Minimum Order Amount to Place order for this vendor.
Cost for two person ( ₹ )
Average cost of order when you order for two person.
Avg. Processing Time (Min)
Average processing Time. 
Business Licence Number
Business Licence Number for this vendor. For Restaurant it will be food safety licence.
Admin Commission Value
Admin/Business owner Commission on Each order. You will see report in Finance
Vendor Type
Type of vendor Like Pure Veg, Non Veg etc.
Time Slot
If you select 30 Min time slot it will show Schedule delivery time like 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM On Customer App.
Delivery Type & Time Slots
If you select Delivery, This vendor will accept only Delivery Orders. 
GST (%)
This is Tax value, Added at cart for this vendor. It can be any tax. You can change Tax type From Typography. 
Vendor Details Page Layout
You can choose theme of page where All Items is displaying. 
Phone Support
Phone Support number for this vendor. 
Finance Bank DetailsBank Details, If you required to transfer settlement amount. 

Please check video