To create a delivery area you must need to create a Delivery zone. The delivery zone is consists of Multiple delivery areas. For example, If you want to start your operation in 1 City with 3 regions, You can create 1 delivery zone of that city and under you can create 3 Delivery areas. As soon as you expand your operation you can keep adding Delivery areas. 

If you expand your business to another city, You can create another delivery zone & Add a Delivery area inside that. 

Please follow this step to create a delivery area. 

Step #1: Create a Delivery zone. Go to the Delivery Zone Page which is located under Locations. You can click on the button to create a Delivery zone, You can enter the name of the Delivery zone & the Admin Name of that zone. And Press create button it will create a Delivery zone. 

Step #2: To add a Delivery area, Go to the Delivery zone page. Select the Delivery zone in which you want to add an area. And Then enter the name of the Area and Enter the Location where you want to add it. 

Step #3: This is the Most Important step to Draw the Delivery area. You can select draw the "Free Pencil" icon from Map and Draw a borderline until your business can do delivery. 

If Any Customer Delivery address is outside of this Border, App will show an Error that "We are not delivering right now on that location."

Step #4 : Once you are done with drawing Delivery area. You can press Add Button and Delivery area will be created and you will see number of vendors covered in that Delivery area. 

Please check this video :